Fat Burning Green Smoothie Recipe

fat burning smoothies

Here are 10 hidden secrets about you’re your metabolism that acts as best weight loss guide. We are tired of numerous weight loss tips available on the internet. The real problem is not about putting an effort but the dilemma as to which weight loss guide will suit you.
Well, worry not – here are some effective weight loss tips that require a little knowledge of your metabolism.
• Instead of walking for 2 minutes, run for a minute. Repeat the cycle for 20-30 minutes
• Eat a lot of healthy fats like Omega -3 Fatty Acids and Monounsaturated Fats
• Eating foods rich in protein can help you in many ways to lose weight
• Dark leafy green veggies will give your metabolism an impressive boost
• Hot and spicy foods can help increase your body’s ability to burn fat
• Apples have rich source of metabolism boosting fibre
• Green Tea, also called ‘Dieter’s Tea’ can speed up your metabolism
• Drinking plenty of water can increase your metabolism by 30%
• Late night snacking slows down your metabolism
• When your body is in stress, it tries to hold onto extra fat.

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